Original price was: 529kr.Current price is: 399kr.

A 100% biological fluid that completely resets your shoes from sweat odor and fungal infections. ShoeHype has properties that are perfectly designed to attack the root of the evil and eradicate bacteria, fungal infections & skin cells in your shoes. No chemical additives, no perfume but simply a biocide that brutally kills the basic problem of foul-smelling shoes. Durability at its best!

Our products have a 14-day return policy. The return applies to unbroken packaging and the buyer is responsible for the return shipping.

With us at ShoeHype, the environment and functionality are incredibly important. Unfortunately, we are affected by the chaos in the international shipping market, which has meant that our original bottles are delayed.

We will therefore offer our customers two Swedish produced bottles that contains 75 cl ShoeHype, which is 25 cl more than the normal twinpack we plan to sell.  This also means that we are forced to give a little thumbs up to design, but since environment & functionality come first, we felt that we could go for it!

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