Who has not tried to save a pair of smelly shoes? In recent years, a lot of products have appeared on the market that primarily extract moisture and add perfume. The result of this is without exception that you get shoes that feel a little drier but the smell remains. In addition, the smell tends to get worse as the mix of smelly foot sweat & perfume is not the nicest.


Why then does it smell so bad in the shoes? The chemical explanation is fairly simple. Skin deposits, skin bacteria and fungal growth are mixed with sweat and this cocktail is not particularly pleasant. You can never remove the sweat, not even the skin deposits, but this is where Shoehype comes in. Shoehype eliminates bacteria & fungal growth. This applies to both new additional bacteria as well as old ingrained ones. The longer the bacteria have lived in your shoes, the harder they sit and that is when you can count on treating several times.


Old tricks such as bicarbonate & the freezer compartment may help at the moment but it does not eliminate bacteria and it definitely does not remove the smell. A normal household freezer keeps about 18-20 degrees below zero degrees Celsius, but there are studies done that show that bacteria & viruses survive freezing down to -160 degrees Celsius. The same applies when you wash your shoes in the washing machine. It helps for the moment but bacteria & fungal growth do not disappear but these also survive a washing program. The conclusion is that you have to reset the shoes from bacteria & fungal infections and there Shoehype is the only one in the world. The method is 100% biological and the residual product is only oxygen & water. It sounds almost a bit hocus pocus but we have done thousands of tests and the results are amazing.


More tips will be in this blog. Keep your Eyes open!